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8th Grade Graduation
(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

8th Grade Graduation

A puzzle together
a puzzle apart
each piece belongs to my heart

each piece is differant
each piece is great
But now they have to take on the long expected fate

They knew it would come
the day was here
the day they dreaded at the beginning of the year

The day they would be pulled apart
the whole would be broken
they knew it from the start

A piece here
and a piece there
how could life be so unfair

The beautiful picture the puzzle protrayed
is now forgotten
the pieces have strayed

They went away
fell beneath the wooden table
the puzzle would never again be stable

But that puzzle is forever in my heart
the memories of each piece
will never fall apart

-For my eighth grade class on graduation-

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Comments (3)

It's all about memories and what a neat way to save them. Read mine - The Bloom of Youth - Adeline
this surely is an amazing piece of writing showing great creativity, , very impressive indeed 10
I rarely give a 9 as those who know me will attest. But this deserves a 9. In fact, it came close to being the rarest of all birds in the cage, a 10. I can't tell you how impressed I was with this. I could talk about it at length but I'll just congratulate the one who wrote it. GW62