by Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
Thursday, February 08,2007
Rated 'G' by the Author.

Karla your latest inspired this one

We remember that date

The way we remember

The birth of a child

Or the death of one we care about

And in many ways

It was death

Death of the way

This nation was

Death of a land

That was supposed to be

Free of terrorism.

We mark that day

With sorrow

And yet we mark it with love

It is a day

Many learned to love

And learned to live together

In that love.

It is a day

When One Nation Under God

Meant something

And it is a day

Marked with loss

And sorrow

And marked with

The blood of our heros.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2: 19 P.M PST

by Michelle Kidwell

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Excellent...I found my views gettting intermingled with yours....10++...always for the purpose of the verse....Brishti