9/11/2001 - The Excuse

Poem By Claude H Oliver II

Complete obliteration
Was this demolition
Three thousand humans lost
Seven buildings destroyed -
Two planes caused this?
Two buildings each a quarter mile tall
Each took only ten seconds to fall
What new laws of physics were enacted here?
Since when do planes reduce massive buildings to powder?

Death was used as a pretext for more death
Terror was given as the right to make more terror
Demolition was the excuse for war and abuse

The purveyors of death presented lies as truth
We responded by murdering human youth
How do we face our children knowing this sad truth?


Comments about 9/11/2001 - The Excuse

RIGHT ON! ! ! Dad
excellent poem..filled by wise thoughts and truth..well done.and some thing said to mr read this....you can have a lookon my poem a seed for a warrior poet..my arrior friend
Very explosive in content....The world will hear the truth behind that tragic day....I was 3 blocks away in Manhattan when the first tower was hit....That day will stay with millions for a very long time.....I wrote a piece about 911...if you get time please read my poem * Zero*.......thanks for this wonderful, thought provoking write

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