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9/11 - An American Tragedy
KTK (03/24/1946 / Ann Arbor, Michigan)

9/11 - An American Tragedy

Poem By Kathryn Tyler King

It was a day just like any other.
Work was always to be done.
The sun shone on our brothers,
our sisters, daughters and sons.

Through the sky a plane flew
off its course toward a tower.
No one guessed or even knew
its intent, its mission or power.

Veering lower and closer it hit,
Driving through steel and walls
With force and explosions lit
With screams heard in the halls.

Fire and smoke was all around.
Many died in the plane that day.
More jumped out to the ground
Bystanders shocked in dismay.

But still this was not enough.
The terrorists in another plane
Eyes piercing, looking tough
Headed to Tower Two. Insane.

With so much destruction seen
The fires, the smoke, the lives,
a loss pictured on the TV screen.
We'll never forget their cries.

We must never forget 9/11,
But be prepared for our enemy.
So many souls went to heaven.
America's the land of the free.

Never Forget your Heritage! !

Copyright,9/10/2008, Kathryn Tyler Little

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Very good poem and I echo your sentiment.I wrote a poem about 9/11/2001.You can read mine if you have the time.A ten.