9 One 1

Poem By Davis Smith

911 somebody call 911 its an emergency

A 911 emergency someone anyone

Its nine- eleven 01

some say that they remember like it was

yesterday I remember 911 like

it was today September 11 2001 it's 8am

I'm already awake on a day i don't have

to work i should be sleeping in i'm

hitting that alarm peeling mySELF out of

bed and downing as much coffee as it takes

to help ease this transition from

sleep to awake you see the only thing I'm

supposed to do today is have a friend

move into in a place the day started

with us packing back and forth for about

an hour moving boxes from my garage to her

storage space but on this day it will only

take about 90 minutes to make

the home that I call New York feel like

a completely different place it was a

place that I wasn't trying to

live it after that attack I spent the last

nine years now traveling and moving

around just so I could see the world

I haven't lived there in years but

New York will always be my home I was

born and raised moving from city to ghetto

to middle-class estate I live and

breathe New York and see New York in my

dreams but when i leave New York it is

always bitter sweet when the news first

came on that warm september

day shit I was steady packing boxes and completely

unaware of the disaster happening just

60 miles away till about ten AM when I

Pulled back up to my house thinking that

this 10am is like any other but here now

stumbling out the front door of my house

Tears pouring down his eyes comes

Mike my brother now Mike is the oldest

he's had a pretty rough and life's

beatings have made his heart hard and

spirit tough so seeing this man cry

that's a miracle all by itself within 60

seconds he's gone and I am standing

outside my house all alone struggling to

wrap my brain around the only eight

words my brother had the strength to speak

between his tears and fears for future

lost friends and family he says someone

just blew up the world trade center and

like that he's gone the first plane hit

by 8 45 this morning and on his way

to work now he'd been watching the footage

since about nine o'clock and my

brother my fearless brother is an

emotional wreck and I don't even know what to think

while I stand alone in my driveway I

look up at that front door and suddenly

find it hard to blink because on the

other side of that door all I'm thinking

about the TV in the next room I tried to

step forward but it feels like I'm

frozen my body is not moving and it is

In slow motion and that moment it was as if all

nature of outside noise just dissipated

but the sound of the TV still blaring

inside reaches my ears from those stairs

And as I go through that door I cannot help

but stand and stare as black

smoke tears gaping holes in the Manhattan

Air when the first plane hit some people

thought maybe it was just a freak

accident but live video shortly after

showed those freaks causing another

accident it's only a few minutes after ten

right now in both towers have already

been hit the Pentagon is in shambles and

as the twin brother start burning my

stomach starts turning my knees got so

weak I have to bend down slow just to

reach for my seat and all the footage

was being collected and put on replay

show me everything I missed all of us

busy packing boxes with no delay

America's heart has just been hit we

stood paralyzed in front of TV boxes with eyes

transfixed as America watches time Stood

Still we had no need for watches i

Watched the news for so long till I

completely forgot about those moving

boxes shit I only watched the news that

day for what felt like a few minutes but

paralyzed by shock I looked up at that

clock in five hours that just passed

like time had become infinite and when

time became infinite then I realized

that I could not sit still for another

60 seconds of one entire minute but

still feeling like I'm frozen and moving

in slow motion I reached for the remote

and in feeble attempt the blackness TVs

control of my emotions and just like

that click the screen went black

I got up on that couch stepped outside

but still numb I could feel nothing except

for the wind in my back which only came

with a whisper I then proceeded to sit

Down on my front steps and try to shut off

my brain for all of two minutes just so

I could get some fresh air but even the

air in New York felt like it was

different that day it was like somebody

laced it with agony shucks heartbreak

and utter dismay some of us immediately

Mourned and criedothers still watching is

shocked with single tears filling up in

our eyes while some of us who are so terrified and

Thrown-offguard we didn't have the

strengthen to cryand I remember thinking

this is what it's like to watch real

people die to watch our sense of

security fly out the window and into

buildings and I'm still wondering why

so many innocent people have to die I

Got up onthose steps still in shock and

Dry eyed I started mowing the lawn just to

distract my overwhelmed and racing mind

and as I push the mower across the lawn

On thatwarm September day I began to

wonder between each and every breath

just what would cause the person to

leap from 110 story building and

plummet to their depth I saw the video

with my own two tear filled eyes and it

felt like I was falling myself but

I was fooling myself we are all fooling

ourselves we're fooling ourselves and we

think this war is over we cannot just go

back to our materialistic lives America

and act like we're not still daily

losing soldiers so please take this

moment of silence with me to show you

respect for our heroes our soldiers our

police our firefighters who willingly

march into the darkness and crumbling

debris just for the sake of saving as

many lives in this tragedy as possible

it's about 1030am September 11 2001 and

we've just witnessed a hundred and two

Minutes that will change the world forever

This war isn't over America this is a 911

emergency it is withSIXTEEN YEARS since

that fateful day and we are still in a

state of urgency

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