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911 Of 2001

911 OF 2001
Poet Chan Mongol
September 10 of 2019

Remembrance of 2001 and nine eleven
Again, I am writing by finger clip pen.
Who administrated that retardation?
Who masterminded the 911 destruction?

Who were those real Talibans?
Was that CIA, the government of Americans!
Nobody should work against commonsense
We denounce autocracy and violence.

We have the right to say and writer's presence
The truth, justice and humanity still got existence.
Who used the fire and acted as the dragon?
Who had worst claws and paws of the lion?

A criminal doesn't confess his crime and violation
Unless, the law and court accept the allegation
Let's voice that the crime should be rightfully paid
The real criminal should be apprehended!

Fact must not be fabricated by the king of jungle
History must not be jeopardized and miserable!
Otherwise, the civilization will definitely sink
Horror events will remain questions in the red ink!

Who is the ally of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Islam?
Who is monitoring religions and their outcome?
Who been using thieves, poor people to do offence?
Who are causing riots and political-religious violence?

Don't forget that the worst cruel management
Deaths, horrors and the humanity was absent.
Burn to demolish World Trade Center twin towers
Was 911 done by foreign attacks or home affairs?

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