911, Was Meant To Stun!

Planes of flame and smoke, exploded to the
side of twin towers, one frightful fateful day...
The shock of horror on observers faces,
filled TV networks, as screens did so, tape
and play!

911, will live on in every nations man...
Because the act was so terrible, it lasts on
every persons memory, as they remember, as
only they can!

Friends and families passed, as well as
police and firemen, The Pentagon was next,
As towers did so fall and crumble, with
smoke and ashes seen, far from East to West...
This is man's final, moral and Godly test!

As man reaches out, to help each other, with
his very, very best!

Michael Jeffrey Gale

Copyright ©2006 Michael Jeffrey Gale

by Michael Gale

Comments (11)

Very interesting poem indeed...realy did enjoyed it..well narrated inn poetic expressions..very visual..feels like a secen from a movie...10+++
I remember the day well, it was quite frightening to see what human beings can do to each other. All those lives lost, for what? As a species we still try to solve our problems in such violent ways, and so the killing continues, even to this day. Bob
Oh, such a horrific act of dim-headed murderers, and they are doing it again and again.
A fine tribute to when america stood still for a day, stood still and watche in amaze as to what happend to our country... I am a new yorker, and it hit my heart very personal as I felt like someone invaded our own back yard.... Many poeple were killed and all for what? ? Prayers all go out to all familes to where affected that dismal day...... Bonnie
a very well written poetic piece about a horrific act, which will be retained in so many archives and memories forever, , , vy very well done, , , blessings...Cecil
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