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(913) Addiction

It nags at you like an aching tooth,
never allowing you to tell the truth.
Your mind is always confused and
hope is not an option. You have
become a slave to a crude adoption.

Stomach in knots, nerves stretched
to the limit. Thoughts of suicide
enter into it. Lies come easy, one
after the other. The truth should be
told, but that you must cover.

An evening out, a night on the town.
You smile with excitement, but yet
end up wearing a frown.
All is lost and nothing gained, once
again you pay the price. That’s
what you inherit for throwing the

You hang your head and wish you
were dead. Knowing you must find
a way, to settle the score of what
you’ve lost once more.

When all is said and done, you justify
your actions by thinking you had fun.
You’ve managed to quit smoking, you
never take a drink but this new addiction
doesn’t allow you to think.

So when your last twenty is gone, and
you no longer can access the Atm. It is
then when the regret takes place and you
must find a way to deal with the disgrace.

Written by: Melvina Germain
July 18/06

by Melvina Germain

Comments (12)

A difficult topic well articulated. Loved the eloquent flow of the poem. 'Lies come easy, one after the other. The truth should be told, but that you must cover.' - Excellent!
Melvina, this is a great poem about any kind of addiction we get. It always cost it much more than we can afford. Great write and great words from a great lady. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
I love this, Melvina...'a slave to a crude adoption' is an exceptional phrase, and speaks volumes. I can only hope that this is your muse speaking... Powerful poetry personified! Best wishes :) jack.
never allowing you to tell the truth - that is so sad yet so true. Moyax
very powerful piece...
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