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918. Children 060608
RS (22-May-1969 / Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

918. Children 060608

Poem By Raman Savithiri

Buds are they make worth a plant standing in garden of life?
Dynamic current are they sustaining the flow in river of life?
Brushes are they painting a rosy picture of strife?

Mother from a woman emerges just by birth of good kids.
The young mother’s heart beats with new divine love notes.
The more the infant vulnerable the more mother’s love binds!

Like the twinkling stars in deep blue sky with amusing smile
Like the teasing waves in light blue sea extending mile and mile
Kids! Perennial source of imagination for poets since long while!

Sages like Ramakrishna and Jesus derived inspiration from tots,
Since children are seen Gods with pure heart without any spots.
They might be moulded to great persons as clay into pretty pots!

What do you want? Non-attachment or to be in present or faith…
Take your role model as a child; its nature ye should cherish!
Anger, brooding, greed…all the ugly characters will perish!

The future of any nation sleeps in good minds of toddlers
A land is identified only by its patriotic children of toilers
Parents, teachers should take the task of good kids peddlers! 060608

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Comments (2)

Children are human innocense form.They are the buds of future flowers. A very beautiful theme very well expressed my 10
Children are next to God, as they do not have ego or hatred, but they know only love. Your poem speaks well of this golden principle.