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(934) Power Of God

When the rain falls from the sky above,
It is God showering you with tears of love.
When the sun shines on a bright sunny day.
God’s angels are coming your way.

When the wind blows, and the trees sway.
God speaks and has much to say.
When the snowflakes fall and glisten.
God whispers, we must listen.

When the earth trembles and opens to swallow.
God tells us, there may be no tomorrow.
When the sea lifts and the waters tower.
God warns all of his great power.

When the sounds of thunder are heard.
God insists we follow his word.
When the funnel winds shatter our existence
God gives us tremendous resistence.

When we witness the forces of nature.
There is no doubt of it’s creator.
God reigns in heaven and rules the earth.
We shall remain in awe, of his worth.

Written: February 19,2006

by Melvina Germain

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Keen observations concerning the greatest power anywhere- ever. A power that I appreciate, respect and fear. And am happy to know He stands in my behalf. I love God. Thanks.
I love this! it's very inspiring to know that we have a God who who looks after us.Thanks for this, Ma'am!
I love this poem about God and his magnificence! Awesome!
Another poem of excellence by you, I am very pleased to have read this, you share a truly wonderful gift, Love duncan X
From: John G. Nelson (Monrovia Liberia; Male; 30) To: Melvina Germain Date Time: 11/21/2006 7: 29: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: what a wonderful poem hi again the poem the 'power of God' is magnificent, I love the style in which it is wretten. it help one to come his sense of how wonderful our God is and how kind he is by warning to us of danger and at the same time, he give us wonderful gifts that we ourselve can imagine. thank for reminding us all I love it very much. you have an incredible mind.
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