She Stole My Heart.

She stood alone in midday sun
A vision to be seen
As black as oil on waters deep
My heart she stole in one

Her eyes as deep as liquid pools
With lashes long and fine
She moved with grace towards me
With movements sweet as wine

I knew if I just touched her
My heart would surely seize
I know that she could break me
And bring me to my knees

But nothing gambled nothing lost
The colours silk around her waist
I would give her everything I own
If she would win the Gold Cup Race.

by Graham Jones

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Keen observations concerning the greatest power anywhere- ever. A power that I appreciate, respect and fear. And am happy to know He stands in my behalf. I love God. Thanks.
I love this! it's very inspiring to know that we have a God who who looks after us.Thanks for this, Ma'am!
I love this poem about God and his magnificence! Awesome!
Another poem of excellence by you, I am very pleased to have read this, you share a truly wonderful gift, Love duncan X
From: John G. Nelson (Monrovia Liberia; Male; 30) To: Melvina Germain Date Time: 11/21/2006 7: 29: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: what a wonderful poem hi again the poem the 'power of God' is magnificent, I love the style in which it is wretten. it help one to come his sense of how wonderful our God is and how kind he is by warning to us of danger and at the same time, he give us wonderful gifts that we ourselve can imagine. thank for reminding us all I love it very much. you have an incredible mind.
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