(937) Pushing Up Daisey's

Today I give back to the earth,
showing my body's worth.
My nutrients feed the rich black soil,
no more to work hard or toile.
to give freely of a body dead,
to say good-bye and move ahead.

by Melvina Germain

Comments (5)

I so wish you would stop speaking these words of giving up...we need you and we all Love you and it will be alright.It will be! God is healing you as I type these words to you. Your friends and family Love you.I send you a big (HUG)))) and I pray for you peace to carry on even when you do not want to always.As my Granny used to always say 'and this too shall pass...'God Bless U Melvina. Love ya lots =Shelley=
Melvina, this is very sad poem indeed. I express Meggie's feeling here when I say I hope everything is all right. Here is some love and hugs I hope they will help see you through my friend. David
Melvina, this is a sad one, i hope everything's okey with you? here's my love and hugs for you across the miles..
I hope we are talking about starting anew and fresh here.......I don't want to see anyone pushing up daisey's.....speacially my favorite sunday moring perfect prayer person that gives me inspiration.....I've missed yours....Although you must have inspired David....he has now started his own sunday morning prayer: O)
Melvina can we try to be a bit happier today, you have just been on holiday.. Bad was it..?