941. Mother, Lead From Darkness To Light 270308


As I move with many of my sisters and brothers,
If any one tries to dominate, my mind bothers!
Whether to become aggressive to subdue others
Or to forgive by having a heart that of mother’s?

Practical life-holders tell me to be aggressive.
Spiritual path-leaders tell me to be submissive.
I know not which action to be taken as decisive.
I look for You to guide me in each step delusive!

My karma leads me to be entangled in family life.
My dharma is not clear to me in birth-cycle strife.
Whether I have to add layers to my binding ego
Or to peel ego off which started long long ago?

When situations dim my sight to make me stumble
Seeking You, I heap my hands above my head humble.
When thick clouds shadow over me blocking Sun light
Lead me ever with Your Mother’s Love and Delight! 270308

comment on comment:

It is obvious, as Mr. RajaRam says, if one sows words and deeds of love and affection ultimately he will reap the same. No doubt.

But this poem is out of my personal experiences.
I had worked in many institutions. As I am from Mukkulaththaar(warrior) family, naturally I am aggressive. I used to have a sharp tongue. I realized it was not good. I practiced to be meek and humble beyond my natural flavour. But my practice turned myself to be a submissive snake of Swami Ramakrishna’s famous story.

People see my meekness as weakness and take advantage of it. Being a person in computer department I have to do small and big MS-OFFICE helps to colleagues. The management will also give me lavish work without any extra pay. At these junctures I really do not know what to do rather than doing that works with great difficulties sometimes even giving up proper sleep for days together. But after striving too much also I had seen the relationships slipping from my hand for unknown reasons!

So I use to think why I turned to be soft unlike my natural aggressiveness at young age.
To my disappointment when the relationship breaks in spite of my great struggle I turn towards God.
By trial and error I found a way out of this struggle.

Whenever I sense that something is wrong in any of the social relationship, instead of trying to make it alright by my trial, I will say all to God, and keep quiet. However a person humiliates me, I will not retaliate; I will not fall at one’s feet too, but handover the same to God. But I need to be very patient (sometimes even 6 months) . To my surprise in many cases the relationship became sweeter! ! . This poem is based on such dilemmas and their sweet end after total surrender. 270308

by Raman Savithiri

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Before telling others what they should do, one should set an example of himself or herself. Every action has its own reaction. Aggressive words will bring hatred while soft and sweet words bring love in turn. I would always advice that love and affection is the best way to attract and win others. This method I have practiced in my life and found it very successful in the end.