946. Mother, I Love You! There Is No Other Way! 120308

Let people mock at me that I worship just a picture!
Let my heart bulging with devotion accept a puncture!

Let my tears go waste as a monsoon in desert!
Let the years roll fast without bearing any fruit!

Let me remain blind to Your heart-stunning form!
Let me stay deaf to Your mind-melting song!

Let my nose go insensate to Your maternal aroma!
Let my body hold not You as I act in worldly drama!

Let me befall a lunatic incurable in search of Thee!
Let me fall in love with You as in fire leaps a tiny bee!


Let the whole life be spent to gain Your love at least a fraction!
Let the mind become single pointed causing ego-destruction!

I will rise and tell thousand times with voice loud and bold,
There is no other way to live a happy life in this toxic world! 120308

by Raman Savithiri

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tghis love is also amma's own direction.we are all puppets.good musings
A blind faith in the Universal Mother is welcome, as there is no other way of worshiping Her. We are part of Universal Mother, who is the embodiment of universal love and kindness. So, we should also inherit Her qualities and be kind to other creations. This will be our contribution to Her all the time. There can be no other mode of worship than loving our fellow creatures and show our kindness to them. You have an inner voice from your heart that speaks in the form these golden verses. You are slowly moving towards the spiritual path, as such spiritual enquiries leads one to the ultimate goal in one's life.