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┈ ━ ═ ☆ Closed Eye's☆ ═ ━ -New Poem
RW (4-5-85 / Queens ny)

┈ ━ ═ ☆ Closed Eye's☆ ═ ━ -New Poem

Empty house...With no sound.
Only your voice echo's.
All you got is your self...And your shadow.
I'll hold it tight if thers tomorrow.
Slide down the wall.
& Say good night with my sarrow.
Blow out the candles
Only thers no wish.
Or a kiss right after.

BeCause with closed eyes no one will ever kno.
What gose on up stairs...In my head.
I dont think you'll care.
I'll lay here...and cry....I close my eyes.

No touch no sound.
Nobody is ever around.
It's only your footsteps on the ground.
No hugs..no hand.
Nobody to hold you.
When your feeling damned.
Alone silent.
No one to look at and feel better.
I didnt realize till now...
I really miss bein..loved.

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