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Poem By ria watkins

This is to all my pot head borthers and sisters 4: 20
Haveing a ishy day.
Wanna have somethin to put me in a Daze.
Walk threw a cloud of Haze.

I just wanna chill with my girl.
Her skin is green.
Her name is ganja queen.

And she said To Me.
Dis will ease your Problems.
Dis will Make You Forget.
And say F IT & All The rest.

Haveing a Ishyer day then the one b4.
Wanna have something thats gunna make me relax.
So i think of where to score.

I go to my girl house.
I hear nothing but reggae playing.
ganja girl comes and says here you go gal.
dis will put a smile on your face.
dis will make you laugh.
dis will make you for get the crappy day you had.

I smoke and i get high.
I puff i get higher.
And I'm stuck.
Have you ever got stuck?
And said F?


To those That got kids.
To those that work with idiots all day.
To those that have dumb g/f's and you feel like You wanna choke the liveing __ outa them.

To those that hit ther heads on the wall.
To those that wanna commit suicide.
To those that wish certain people in ther life would all die.

Smoke some Marijuana....And see how those feelings change...and poof like magic it all gose away.

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