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(957) Darkness……light-Absence Of-
MG Melvina Germain (N/A / Sydney, Nova Scotia)

(957) Darkness……light-Absence Of-

You look upon my face and realize.
You can not study me, for I’am darkness.
You can not study the forces that drive me.
You can not see me in the light.

He who rules from above, set in the light of love.
He can be studied and truly so.
He holds the gleam of light so bright.
He has all the world in his sight.

God our Father in heaven,
did not create darkness, evil from hells gate.
The absence of light penetrates deep into
the debths of hells hole.

Think now, thou must not forget,
the absence of God’s love in the hearts of people
most assuredly churns the creation of evil.
A hybrid of good and evil does not exist.
One must choose what to except and what to resist.

Written: Jan.02/2007

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OMG, , You have so much talent, and you praise my work, , , , , I have just sat here from 5: 00 central time, in Louisiana and read about,250 of your works, I just dont know what to say. You my freind are fantastic. I was going to try to comment on each piece, but each one led to another, and another and another, , , , , , , , , , (whew) I bow to you. I truly must confess, you have a new #1 fan here. 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison P.S. I also downloaded you e-book for myself & my friends Again thanks
Well-stated, Melvina, in your expressively passionate way.
Melvina, the stanza did it for me. Really a great write as usual. Enjoyed it as I always do. Thanks for sharing it. David
I choose to accept good poetry, Melvina... yours are always full of meaning and purpose. Great write! ! Brian