(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

☼ A Natural Love! ☼

Your heart is my sun;
It brightens every day
and is always with me
wherever I go.

Your arms are my blue skies;
They nurture my soul
and provide me with
unmatched serenity.

Your hands are my ledge;
They hold me up high
and show me off to
the rest of the world.

Your love is my freedom;
I get to sit on the ledge,
forever under the sun
and its open blue skies!

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Comments (5)

Heart is compared with sun that gives us brightness and beauty in love. This love is freedom and this shines like sun. Natural love is brilliantly expressed with beauty of mind and expression. This poem is an excellent poem...10
absolutely lovely, the way that you compare that person to certain things(sun for example) make this poem so warm and just full of lovely. Good Job, **Tyease**
Wow, this is beautiful. I enjoy the comparison of a love and the warmth of the sun, sky, and freedom! beautiful. beautiful.
Great imagery and well thought out poem! Like the other reader it made me ((smile)) because of the Happy sun~shiny feeling it oozes with... Interesting Love poem that was a fun, sweet read. Great job Michael.....10/ten! =Shelley=
Very good, Michael. I love the imagery it conjures.