AB (6th January,1960. / West Bengal, India)

979: Drops Of Love

They recognized their love for each other very fast,
That did not allow them to be victims of their lust,
This was a relationship never seen before,
Started with work and progressed forever,

Everything they did were well discussed,
Slightest of strain never appeared,
Mutual respect and trust were at the highest,
Every word given to the other was clinically kept,

As they matured, the relationship was recognized,
Vows they had taken, though weren’t married,
Promises were made for future and family,
Did he know he would break it one day, calling all silly?

Having taken her in those long deep embraces,
How can he do this, I can’t call him a man!
She has taken him to his last drop, again and again,
Was it all for his filthy body not the mind?

He claimed to have given her all he had,
Still she suspected him of going back,
But proof he delivered by turning back,
Kept desiring her company still not to commit,

Ethics and values of his completely muddled,
Leaving his profession, not even his son he cuddled,
Spouse and son in different cities, clinging to a dead marriage,
He turned away his only love, after she had lost her carriage.

He wanted both the marriage and his love to serve him,
That wasn’t fair repeatedly she told him,
Marriage be consummated is what she wanted,
Worth at most his money and body his refusal made,

She wanted neither of these to begin with,
But over time they built a huge monolith,
Just one strand could not be pulled, as he wanted
He pulled the whole thing down, never mended.

Selfish you may call him, I call him stupid,
Knows he not what he has lost and saved at what cost,
Pray to god I shall for he be forgiven,
No one be as stupid to loose what he had gotten.

(May 28,2006)

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Langston Hughes


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