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980. I Stand Empty Handed!
RS (22-May-1969 / Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

980. I Stand Empty Handed!

Poem By Raman Savithiri

Amma, I stand empty handed!

I really did not know
What gift should I select for you.
Money or honey?
Milk or silk?
Flower or fruit?
Sweet pudding or tender coconut?

You smiled at my silliness! And
You asked the whole heart of mine.
I was very happy that you asked for such a simple thing.
At once tried I to take my heart –
To offer unto your lotus feet.

Not once, twice or thrice
I have been trying for years together
To lift my heart against the gravity of the earth
But I am unable to separate my heart
Which is strongly attached to the world.

I tried all tricks to isolate it.
Meditation, Mantra, Prayer, Yoga…
Failure; utter failure!

I stand, in front of you, empty handed

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Comments (4)

beautiful portrayal of Saranagathi; wonderful write...simple and great poem
When everything is creation of HER? How can you offer HER anything which belongs to HER only? Is it not folly to offer HER things to HER only? Please explain and enlighten me- Regards- Pradeep
What the Supreme Mother wants from us? Our sincere devotion and immense love for Her and not any other material things, which she has created for our peaceful living.
stand, in front of you, empty handed Immense true love you have for Mother.. The Primal Force of our tenanted existence and timelessness on Earth.. Welcome to Poem hunter...