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982. Prayer For Universal Peace.
RS (22-May-1969 / Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

982. Prayer For Universal Peace.

Poem By Raman Savithiri

It is an ever busy highway.
Above shines the hottest Sun of July.
Hardly any cloud passes by.
At its sides, sand spreads endlessly.
Rooted in scorching soil, stand plants,
With blooms without any protest!
PEACE glows on the faces of
Even those desert flowers! !

It is a serene dawn of Himalayan jungle.
Orange rays peep above snowy peaks.
Tigers and antelopes;
Hawks and doves;
Snakes and rats…
Await another day of struggle,
For food, shelter and even for lives!
PEACE glows on the faces of
Even those forest creatures! !

PEACE prevails everywhere;
Even in
Ever heaving deep Sea,
Ever blowing blue Sky,
Ever shining hot Sun,
Ever whirling Galaxies of millions of Stars…
But, alas!
Man alone is cursed with NO PEACE.
All disharmonies, conflicts, chaos
Trek from human mind to Earth!

Bestow PEACE in human minds,
By eliminating greed and conflicts,
Which are the root cause of,
His eternal problems.
Let him perceive the UNIVERSAL PEACE,
That already reigns the entire Universe! !

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well said greed is the cause of fight.............peace is in education a quality education.everyone wants peace but at their instant..........present cause of disharmony begins with extreme love for ones faith.........religion, language, faith.............so love casues friction...........but love is also the answer for harmony.....irrational love is the cause...this can be eradicated with quality education...........not by obtaining degrees...........
ex navy chief is accused of getting 400 crores of rupees as kick backs; then where will be the peace for humanity; what a family will do with 400 crores! as you rightly said greed kills human peace...well written poem...
You are quite right. I especially like your description of the desert flowers, rooted in scorching soil, standing, and blooming serenely inspite of all. It is interesting that every creature except man knows its nitch, its place in the universe, and lives in harmony with the source and origin of its existence. Man alone seems to relish seperation and disharmony, and man alone seems bent on destroying not only himself but everything else.