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♥ ♥ ♥ First Dance ♥ ♥ ♥

First date, first night out…..Honey, we came to a night ride.
In burgundy Ferrari you showered me there with your kisses.
We both laid, eyes met eyes conversing, pleading for fire.
You gave weight of your entire lustful body frame,
While you crushed my bones to your warm embrace;
The sweet gentle kisses teased me, aroused my ivory smooth skin.
Goose bumps awaken the veiled dozing sensuality of sexual yearning.
Your salacious red lips did strolling to my giraffe soft neck,
Caressing, slowly crawling to the hungry valleys of my chest.
Licked every branch, smacked the areolas like candy lollipops.
Ooooohhhh You were sucking my breast like a baby, honey!
While your other hand played with my virgin’s ass.
Passions exchanged, earthly desires put to flame.
So hungry you were to taste of my strawberry pie…………
As my fingers ran hard on your shoulder blade,
Marking my nails to your back and chest…..pulsating, gripping!
Moans and groans sung with the crickets and birds.
As sensations grew hotter and hotter, aching more of my treasure;
You made me a slave, sex and love quivered to my petite cage.
Intoxicated by your maleness, Oh sweet honey!
You caressed each plains and mounds of flesh.
Succulent lips yearn more of passions and sex, screaming your name.
Moist tongue was slipping from the aroused mountains.
Slid down finding its own way to the forest mounds and cave;
In erotic passion he found the hill and forest.
Laid there like cream, waited to be touched by him.
Kisses on the forest petals gone harder and harder,
It made me wild and wilder, arching my spines.
Screamed to the hottest passion that we felt inside,
As you savored the chambers of wicked pleasure and delight;
We were two creatures of time, steeling moments to love.
Your ivory tower gone mad and wild entered the cave so hot!
As the tongue tasted the heavenly dews of eyes, legs entwined.
There a scream of pain so sweetly released from a virgin’s mouth.
Ahhhhhhhh the beast entered to room of wickedness.
Throbbing feast, all to please the flames inside!
Enthralled, losing in control to the primal dance,
Hips grinded, swayed………deeply penetrating the cave.
Moans and groans became louder and louder with the howling of the owl.
The clouds covered the stars as the entwined souls were lost in paradise.
Each soul screamed erotic cry as climax came to smile.
Bodies’ trembled, volcanic eruption burst in delight.
Tasty sweet romantic treat of lustful desires, rewarded so much……
Fulfilled chemistry of man and woman, bodies collapsed.
Ended in a gasping of breathe and electrifying erotic play! ! !
Addicted to the first game, so I said……….
Thus, flaming kiss was shared and further more.


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Oh! my Paramour loves me in deep, heart and with souled kisses to me
As I read the poem as go through the words, I feel that I am in act of erotic with woman of my charm and glamor......Lovable poem....