♥ ♥ ..Gods Made..♥ ♥

GoD crEAtEd HeAveN,

GoD CrEAted EarTH,

GoD cReatEd LighTnEss,

GoD CrEAted DArkNess.

GoD MADe LioNs,

God MADe IrOns,


God HAd No MiSTAkeS.

GoD IS miRacLe,

God MaDE ObStaCLe,

God CrEATed Adam,

God CreaTed Eve.

GoD GAve Us Heart,

So We CAn liVe,

god Gave us EyEs,

So WE CAn sEe.

God GAve US HANds,

So We Can HoLd,

God Gave us StrEngtH,

So We CAn Work.

god IS the FAther,

God IS THE sOn,

God cAn See whAt WE CAn'T,

GoD HAs EvEryThInG.

God GiVes Us SoUls,

God PuNIshEs tOo,

GoD GiVe Us Life,

God CAn TAke Our LiFe.

God IS GOd,

GoD iS A cHrIstIan,

God IS a jew.

And TherE's ONLy One God.

by jade MOnteScLArOS

Comments (7)

great job you can do anything through god who streghtens you
that was beautiful *snap snap
this is a great poem it is all true God is great
..........man made god
awsome poem aint just sayin
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