CD (May 9,1984 / USA (Born in MA) (Raised in MI))


A glimmer of sunlight on a silken cloth.
A snowflake that blankets a rose,
the call of the wild in echoing ears,
and the velvet of a soft woven robe.
Time before pity when nature drew course.
A stream of consciousness
that young lovers only know.
Back to the innocence of a small babe,
whose home was a blanket of straw.
Back to a world without complications,
where life was gentle and serene.

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Tom -boy? ? May-be, , but you still have an innocense about the way that you write and Coreena is a beautiful name Love duncan X
hey I must say your very cute your biography nicely done as poem -10 anjali
Great start I know who I'm dealing with before I read on - looks like fun ahead
this is like a rhyme but it sounds so real. maxim
Hahah i really liked that one. Clever and different than all the rest i've read on here. You sound like a good time. I'm new to this, but that was one of the better ones i've checked out. -david
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