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♥ . It's Not Easy.♥
JM (novEmBer 23 1990 / CeBu CiTy, , But Now Im In MaNiLA)

♥ . It's Not Easy.♥

Poem By jade MOnteScLArOS

ThaT's exaCtLy,

wHat i'm TrYiNg to SaY,

YoU sHouLd kNow,

iT bY Now.

i'm JusT haViNg FuN,

aNd you'RE The ONe,

i saw ThaT day,

i HAs NoThiNg To dO BuT pLAY.

pLAy the GaMe,

That I kNOW,

i WoN't Be The LosER,

i KnOw How to aCT.

i thOuGht You kNew,

tHat i was Just pLAyiNg,

i thOuGHt Your JusT RiddiNg,

iN wAht i want TO dO.

You'Re so niCE,

you'RE so naiVe,

i thOughT yOU WeRe Just pLAyiNG,

i ThouGhT You're nOt sinCeRE.

i pLayed wiTh You,

i NevEr reaLizEd,

You're GiViNg aN.

eFFoRt To ThaT.

whEN i DeciDed,

to EnD aLL This,

You rEjEct,

My proPosaL.

You'VE toLd ME,

iT's nOt easY,

TO DeaL wiTH,

someOne you Love.

yOu toLd Me,

You reaLLy Love,

whaT you saW,

aNd WhaT i LeT You fEeL.

bUt i haD tO BE True,

i diDn'T fEeL,

what YoU fEeL,

iT's aLL in a GamE.

aND Now You'VE GoT HuRt,

yOu promiSe NoT,

To Let Go Of ME,

That EasiLY.

i didN'T have a Choice,

But To gaVE it a ShoT,

bUt iT doesn'T WoRk oUt,

the Way yOu WaNTed.

You gOt MAd,

You ThReaThend Me,




pAiN, the heArtaChe,

This tiME i ReaLiZed,

iT's Not EasY To PLaY sOmebOdy's HeaRT.

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a poignant poem and i love the captions and all that... kabayan great poem