♥ One Foot In The Church♥

Poem By Ashley Kaldi

Walking into the church I stopped
One foot in the church, one foot out
Standing there pondering about things
Hearing your voice telling me it's ok
Thinking of all the good memories we had
Talking, Laughing, Hanging out, Telling secrets
I could never picture life without you
But as I'm walking into the church,
I finally realize life goes on
Picturing life without you is a very difficult thing to do
But it has to be done
With only one foot in the church
I can’t move on
I can’t go in, seeing you lying there,
Lying there in that casket – Dead and Gone
With you gone I have nothing left
No one left
looking into the cloudless sky
I picture my mom crying, wondering where I am
Why I'm not there
The pain that comes with this is intense
Like a needle had stabbed me numerous times
Right in the heart
Then I picture a cliff, and me standing there
Waiting for you
I'm so close to the sky I think I can almost see you
Hear your voice
Touch your hand
Feel your hug
Once I'm back in reality I'm still standing there,
With one foot in the church and one foot out
I still can’t go in

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congratulations on youir poem should this be your experience for talking about death and loss is the most difficult step-yet essential for eventual recovery, , , , grief is natural and can last for months or years...shared pain diminishes....

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