AB (6th January,1960. / West Bengal, India)

984: My Life Is For You

First time I got the signal,
I was ready to go,
But you would not let me,
It pained both you and me,

I begged you to stay,
But you were too far away,
You knew what you wanted,
Still, that I too knew, you resented,

But knowledge about truth did not matter,
That it was the truth, did shatter,
It was indecision again,
Gave both you and me only pain,

But, so what you have given me pain?
Or the scars, that may last forever?
Tears that will flow, no matter what!
Said words, wish you had never uttered.

You had also given me hugs,
That will always keep me warm,
Smiles that shall ever remain on my face,
And the kisses, make me feel so loved,

You had also given me joy,
I would never forget,
Laughter that will ever echo,
Memories, I will ever cherish.

All these apart, you loved me,
That made me feel so special,
Taught me lessons, I will never forget,
You discovered a part of me, I wasn’t aware,

Forgive my insanity I have hurt you with,
If you ever wish and be ready,
Do come back to my arms,
I already paid for that day, spending my last penny.

That’s because, I love you and,
My life is for you.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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Dear Amit, Life does seem hard sometimes and Poetry seems to give us a connextion with something deeper and gentler than our fears and dreams, thank you for your Poetry. David