AB (6th January,1960. / West Bengal, India)

985: Destined To Indecision

You are the only one I ever loved,
Given you all I had, of the likes,
Never before, never again, but,
Still I lost you to my nemesis?

Could I give you all? Possibly not,
Coz, you did not care ‘bout what you got,
You wanted me all yours, I too did,
Knew what I wanted, couldn’t decide,

Am punished too hard, will take that,
Will deep myself in work, done that before,
Will do it again, but does that take me further away?
Is that what happened last time too?

I don’t care, even if I loose, what I saved, loosing you.
I need my freedom, from others, from you.
If destiny sends me standing alone,
I may find you, if you are still mine.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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This sounds so very much familiar....... I sometime do wish you get some time to read me too!