MG (N/A / Sydney, Nova Scotia)

(986) Devistation

An uprising evolved in a far away place
with people of a totally different race.
We don’t understand their plight,
they have a very different fight.

People walk in the streets with fear,
Looking at everyone far and near.
The uncertainty of living another day,
Is something not to be taken away.

Children weep and cower in the streets.
Men and women cry out in desperation
The sound of gunfire permeates the air
no matter who is standing there.

What is to become of this fragile nation.
Who will be their saving grace.
Certainly not a country with great power,
who rules the earth from their ivory tower.

It is time for all to understand,
only one true power shall command.
A power far greater than all other’s
will be their guideing hand

Fall on your knees and bow your heads
All is not lost, but yet instead,
freedom will reign with certainty
And all who remain will be set free

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Comments (4)

A powerful read, so filled with words of wisdom.
'The sound of gunfire permeates the air'.. Excellent wording. My only advice is that you may want to take a second look at your punctuation. Very well done though.
Powerful statements, Melvina. 'What is to become of this fragile nation. Who will be their saving grace'. I hear this loud and clear. -Tailor
Well your poems are getting much better Mel darling, this one is great well thought out, Love dave have a great week xxx