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986: You Promised...
AB Amit Biswas (6th January,1960. / West Bengal, India)

986: You Promised...

I sure was greedy to have my desires,
But was not demented then and
Clearly remember, you too promised,
Were they all because, I desired?

You promised to cook for me,
Dance for me the lone audience,
You promised a baby to me,
Oh my heart breaks, (how could you!)

You promised to come home to me,
Pleasure the food I cook for you,
You wanted to discuss your work with me,
We wanted to create a new work-area,

Interfacing ideas, yours and mine,
We defined love and life,
So momentary were they? Not to be kept?
Was it all a game? To be forgotten?

I am sure you remember, the sunshine you are,
And would come back to keep them,
Some day when destiny allows you,
Wish my mind remains till then,

You may find me wondering homeless,
Come, take me home, am awaiting that day.

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