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988: Mist Of Memories
CK (30 September 1965 / Mumbai, India)

988: Mist Of Memories

Poem By Catastrophe KING

Just slipping down into solitude and reclaiming some chapters from the past; he sits lamenting in loneliness, the follies of his youth or were they blessings? He knows not, because for all reasons - his life is today fulfilled and no more could he ask for! ! ! Yet, he wants to cherish each and every word written in the pages of his fanciful memories and convey those as lessons for the youth of today ………………

This is the journey of joy and tears;
Through those once forgotten waves!

In-between those thick mist of memories,
Are concealed many beautiful Angels, like her!

The flowers churn his lonely soul of love.
All is done; in a quiet summer midnight!

The silence is mystical and fanciful memories.
Wondering tonight, wrapped around his love!

Reassuring feeling warms his quilt in sleep;
But, tossing & waking up alone into loneliness!

[Rewritten on 21st August 2006 & remembered 3rd December 2007]

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love is... love.. indescribable..only to be experienced..each experience a lifetime.. its not easy to forget a lifetime.. for it is love after all..