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989. What Is Solitude?
RS (22-May-1969 / Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

989. What Is Solitude?

Poem By Raman Savithiri

Amma, What Is Solitude?

World is always busy.
Blind mind too busy all the time.

I seek a place to be in solitude,
To brood over the meaningfulness
-of the existence of the world;
-of the existence of the mind.

On hill tops,
On river sides,
On vast deserts,
On sea shores,
In green vales …

Wherever I go,
Both world and mind follow me ever.
Can’t get rid of these shameless ones.

What is the meaning of SOLITUDE?

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the wonderful poem is supported by a wonderful avt...great poem wih symbolic advt
finding crowd in loneliness and loneliness in the crowd......this is the philosophy....Kannadasa's Arumaname aru andha andavan kattalai aru will give the depth of this message...wonderfully written poem