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991: My Dream!
CK (30 September 1965 / Mumbai, India)

991: My Dream!

Poem By Catastrophe KING

Darkness deepened within the room,
Spreading a comfort instead of gloom,
Her breathe could be heard,

Although she never said a word,
Feelings of lust were felt,
As my anxiety began to melt,

Body against body, flowing with our own beat,
Movement exhausting until our energy was deplete,
As the sunlight shed its first ray,
She vanished into the dark, to my dismay!

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When the sun bows down giving way to the moon and she comes out of hiding.. to dispel cloudy gloom.. simply close your eyes.. feel with all of your heart.. and behold! you shall find her yet again in your welcoming arms..
Maybe she will come back one day...? 10