AB (6th January,1960. / West Bengal, India)

991: Quality Versus Devotion

I loved someone for her devotion in me,
Need of other qualities never occurred to me,
I brought her up to understand my thoughts,
Together we could solve all intricate knots,
Then one day an angel arrived before me,
With all the qualities, so far never bothered me,
Ignored devotion and loved her for what she is,
She too loved me, not knowing hitherto what love is,

Nurtured her all the way to push her forward,
Time came, she flew away, never looked backward,
Love was important but not over family and career,
I couldn’t continue, as she wanted, crossing my barrier.

Devastated I stood, loosing all I had,
Stopped to wonder, she or me, who went mad,
To her devotion I appealed, shrunk she stood in pain,
Never faltered, nor calculated in loving me again.

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Dear friend, Yes, devotion or quality...You loved her devotedness but soon over claimed by questionability..and brought forward the importance of qualities...But, let me tell you something, it is not all your fault..because it is the affairs of heart..Always seems complicated and never too easy to be comprehended..What triggered you to do that, you are clueless about it...Play along in the game called life...Have faith in God! ! ! Another thing, sometimes, once it is shattered, it will never be the same...Impalpable..Never give up... With lots of best wishes, K.Poornima...