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992: A Joker – The Masked Face!
CK (30 September 1965 / Mumbai, India)

992: A Joker – The Masked Face!

Poem By Catastrophe KING

This is a funny tale of the masked self I cannot forget;
Friends were many, but loneliness seemed the target!

I always ignored the harrowing sorrows & rejections;
I larked around simply enjoying my life’s reflections!

I pasted a beautiful smile, but that was just not I
Dressed a cheery face and the back of which I cry!

How during cool winters; I did shun those sunny ways;
But, funny how I danced the scorching summer days!

Yes, I let her get convinced that it was just my jovial self;
And recollect now, she pat me and said “you naughty elf”!

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.. he danced and capered as he tried his feelings to hide behind the jovial jokers smile.. but she reached out and behind, gathered him close to her heart and softly brushed away every tear with lips loving and soft... how could she not.. when she was her jokers heart and he her smile?
Nobody sees the tears of the clown...10
The self deceiving elf has a beautiful droplet for...