AB (6th January,1960. / West Bengal, India)

992: For(Give Get Ever)

Forgiveness is a noble quality,
I wish I had,
Outside and within to maintain amity,
I wish I could,

Not ashamed of my failure,
When I look at her demeanor,
Honest with myself and the world at large,
Is what I believe, irrespective of its charge,

Forgiveness will come naturally,
When the pain dies away, slowly but surely,
Right now I have come to accept the devastation,
I have been handed out, stays my dejection,

Forgive time will, may be not me,
I have done, just what’s right,
In setting you free.
Contact you want still, madness of yours,

I have nothing pleasant for you anymore,
Consider me dead and forget forever.

(May 26,2006)

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