(994) Crack

Crack, a new drug hit the streets.
To some, it is an awesome treat.
The fee is not very high to pay.
Unfortunately, your life, crack
will claim one day.

One hoot may be an experiment,
and leave you still secure.
Two hoots, you’ll start skitching
and asking for much more.

Prejudices, crack has none, taking
one and all, to that spinning downward
fall. Man or woman, boy or girl, it
takes you all for a whirl.

Your love for family and friends, no
longer take priority. For you have
found a substance that has absolute

Down upon your knees you’ll fall
for the drug-lord and his friends,
and beg to smoke the big one, through
morning to nights end.

What you want is very clear,
a hit or two to see you through.
Then walk the streets both day
and night, no where to go, no
where in sight.

A whore, you have become, a liar and
a cheat. Paranoid, fearful, while living
in the street. You left your family
without a trace, they know not of your
whereabouts. You have no one to call
your friend, the bottom you have hit.
What will become of you now, that
crack has lured you to, its bottomless,

Written: August 12/2006

by Melvina Germain

Comments (3)

Melvina...Gritty and raw...you speak from a perspective of on who has knowledge of such things...it takes a great deal of courage to write a piece of poetry like this, from the heart. Well done! Hugs, Dee
MELVINA...You are absolutely correct....drugs are by far the most non-bias entity in our world....This, my dear is a gripping piece of Literary Verse, as so frightfully, it is all true to Life...with every fleck of your Pen.You have delivered this message so very well, indeed.'Sterling work, young lady''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK
Very powerful Melvina, I like the rawness of this piece. Kind regards, Justine. (I wrote something on the same theme entitled 'Snow'.)