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...A 1 Cross Asking-Poem-Cauchy3
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...A 1 Cross Asking-Poem-Cauchy3

Poem By cheung shun sang

A 1 across asking-poem-Cauchy3.
Up down are to be inure by pills.
De trop powers are ill.
It is fragment of nature s facts.
Kick around to dropp the plates.

Names in gold are copied rights.
When to the converts are pale.
Reds to plates are pale but thin.
Pink to go are grind with axes.

Went to hunters are from their wills.
Fill and refill as orders to all.
Obviously a sheep will go to nights.
Where there are powers we yield to bases.

Serve a tout the tour to play.
And less you wonder you are laws.
Reds are sharp and reds are bloods.
Slide valves are water blow.

Bony pulleys push our fates.
Two systems are on ways to ask.
It called one to handle two.
They are all in lines of clocks.

Large lagging are political shells.
Maces are warm but bloods are hot.
Hands to hands but there are no help in hell.
Social battles are dirty fronts.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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