(a) 23 (Love/Passion) Where's The Thief?

Last night I was out of myself....
Wandering, running, searching
From street to street
From river to river...
Panting, shivering, falling
My heart had been stolen
How could I go back without it?
Where was He?
The thief? !

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Hey! Last night you were with him. Those were the ardor-lights in your eye! And the lights of the room were dim. You did not wander or run; but shy! You visualized the street of passion; And, you were in awe of his fashion! Whatever made you think it was stolen? Your heart to him; I saw - you had given!
A cute and clever write; enjoyed the title; nicely done.
A Very imaginative concept & delivery, here, T.O....A solid crafting of intruiging, succinct vering'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F j R