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A 4-Letter Word
DS Daniel Stobbs ( / )

A 4-Letter Word


This world,
This unmistakable thing we call earth,
This galaxy,
This whole goddamn universe,
It all revolves around something we don’t understand,
It all revolves around a 4-letter word,

We try to understand,
We yearn to,
But in our mindset,
It just can’t be done,

It can’t be done until the whole of all people,
Understand the whole meaning of just one 4-letter word,

This word has had all chances to change it all,
To change what we see,
What we do,
What we hear,

Some have discovered it,
Some have killed for it,
Some don’t want it,
Until we all have it.

Some think we’re not ready,
Some hide the reality,
Because of these people,
There is no sense of morality,

To understand it we must breathe,
Because just like the trees,
We can’t just pick up and leave,

I write knowing who I am,
I write while listening to the rain,
But because I’m dwelling on this word,
It’s just too complicated to explain

A 4-letter word

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Comments (2)

Hi There: I liked the structure of this poem; it flows. Very good enigma there. Adeline
L I F E Good poem.