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A 4-Ring Circus: Bri's Married Life
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

A 4-Ring Circus: Bri's Married Life

In my youth there were circuses that had rings (three):
in BIG tents, or buildings, they entertained kids like me,
using three circular areas in which could be found:
gymnasts, lions, acrobats, a dancing bear, & a clown.

My adult life has been a ‘circus' with rings (four) ,
a 'marriage-circus' with gold finger rings that I wore
to say to all: "I've chosen to partner with this, my wife."
Alas, my first three rings have been removed —due to strife.

But my LAST ring stays on —unless I'm taking a shower.
It's NOT that there's no strife; there IS. But there is a power
which keeps us together through the marital ‘Thick & Thin'.
And I feel, with each passing year, this will be for us a WIN!


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married 2x2 times, Bri?
A wonderful work... I am happy to learn that you are an able ring master! I forgot to inform you that my son has been placed...now I am absolutely free but I have not yet found my missing towel...ha..ha...ha
Fabrizio's list of published works, including eBook anthologies are listed on his PH site. :) Savita Tyagi has also been involved in some anthologies, as have some other PH members. :) bri