A 43 Year Old Child

I am lily
I am 43 years old
I have no friends
But someone visits me
To check if i am ok
Her name is Belcy

How are you?
Are you ok?
Did you go to the loo?
What did you play?
Are the questions she asked
I didnt feel safe when i talked about my past

Lily. she said
Where are your friends?
They had to go home it was getting to late
Are you going to see them again
They said they are busy cleaning there shoes
Who are your friends
Lily who are your friends
There was no answer.

She started to cry with the biggest tears coming, running down her cheeks.
Lily who are your friends?
I have friends
Why dont you have friends lily why?

Be quite
Please just shush
You dont know how it feels to have no friends
You dont know how much it hurts to see no more then one person to come through that door
I am 43 Years old
43 years
Lost and alone was all i could say
Has she left for the door that was all for today.

by Fading Heart

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This is pretty understandable, Life can be hard, if you let it, The best friend a person can have is themselves. loved the write 10++