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..............A A Cream Boards-Cauchy3

Cream boards.

Into oscillations are tumble cores.
Cream boards are not to take the good.
Elicit the valuable one by some.
Raw deals are not good to be cooked.

Weights of red profits are not rights.
Blue moons are smooth to wire.
Smooth waters are not with beautiful moons.
Cream boards are not to take the good.

To educate and to accomplish but few are control.
Weaving are funs in paddling pools.
Hunters have guns but spiders have webs.
Right and then left is when your foes are ended.

Games are to pelt against the evil snakes.
But snake types are smooth to dance.
The kinds that are doubts are not come as similar.
Decisions makings are power certificates.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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