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A Baby Blast(Poem) By Cauchy3

A baby blast (poem)

Glance and gimme powers to win!

Wars and walls are squads in inches.

Pinkos squads are running close.

Ways on stars have boards to loose

Up to hells are they squared ups.

Lit on pity faces with just!

Men in maces are programmed badly.

Policies are played and made

Make in marks to polish off.

Who is who then taken on?

Deal with icy laws that hypes

Pardon punks but pay the imputed.

Balls in games and norms to lock!

Lock the knots with many objects.

Frame the posts with bad options.

Positions post on tolls are toys.

Human sea as toys for sharks

Gods that rest souls go to act.

Goals are roads rebelling tyrants

Build the bills to lend our lands

Seal on seats with sites of god.

Will all wills of God are gold?

Crack the racks down bringing faith.

Monism mock on blessing laws.

Sort up shorts of lives to pops!

Sanity sink to bloods when toss.

Roots of roses are woken by noses.

Take the roots of justices loud.

Take the leaf for buds to free.

Sow to soil the loves of beings.

Stories are roots for buying foods

Tory has stories to kiss the foot

Babies kiss on babes with milks.

Breach to reach to talk to mill!

Hype up yeast that shield the vanes!

Back to battery adding the steams

Souls are songs to E-bombs on ether.

Words are wands that want the ethics.

Tasks are tastes to favor the good

Fevers for freezes pf years that go

--Political poem by Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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