(5 November 1850 - 30 October 1919 / Johnstown Center / Rock County / Wisconsin)

Staring At The Stairway

It was the start of a beautiful sunny day,
Two Christian brothers were driving along in their car,
Suddenly a tragic accident happened...
Both were taken to hospital, yet both died...

The first brother to leave this Earth ascended
And found himself at a half-built stairway,
There he saw a sign that told him what to do,
If you want to get to Heaven, complete the stairway!

So the man looked at the stair blocks and the cement,
Started carrying the heavy blocks and set each in place,
He laboured there for what seemed like weeks,
Finally, the last block was held fast and he sat on it,
He was completely worn out by the task set before him,
After he recovered, he pushed the Pearly Gates open
And at last, he smiled as he entered Heaven...

The other brother arrived at the half-built stairway,
He read the sign telling him what to do...
He giggled uncontrollably at the thought of all that work.
He then knelt down and prayed to His Heavenly Father,
The One he had faithfully prayed to for years...
Father, please send an angel down to me, to lift me up
And let him fly me safely into Heaven to be with You...

Immediately an angel appeared and embraced him,
Then lifted him up in his arms and flew him to Heaven.

Which of these two Christians would you rather be?

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2013.

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Comments (6)

A beautiful melody full of rhyme and rhythm and quite interesting story. A pleasure to read.
A wonderful investigative poem about a baby hidden in the house and the tale tell marks that expose it's presence in the house. A pleasure to read.
Very well written and interesting poem. rhyming and flow are simply amazing. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing.
Very well written poem. Babies change houses. They reorganize every person's activity in the house.
...very interesting....nice imagery ★
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