A Baby Of Sperm

I cannot say that i was ever a stud
As sex goes one might say a bit of a dud
On my next birthday i will turn seventy three
There isn't a baby of sperm left in me

I am one who does live a life of self doubt
Without any achievements for to brag about
Though self praise is no praise is how it should be
Not many nowadays with this would agree

The Human World nowadays for the majority not good to live in
Where so many must lose for a few for to win
Where the influence of money says more about you
Than honesty and kindness can ever do

I only retain memories of the past
And the clock on my life ever keeps ticking fast
Quite close to the twilight years of my life's span
To young eyes i do look a very old man

Just another old bloke on the wrong side of time
Who lives with the addiction of penning of rhyme
A stud of the town i never used to be
And there isn't a baby of sperm left in me.

by Francis Duggan

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