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A Baby's Cradle With No Baby In It
(5 December 1830 – 29 December 1894 / London)

A Baby's Cradle With No Baby In It

Poem By Christina Georgina Rossetti

A baby's cradle with no baby in it,
A baby's grave where autumn leaves drop sere;
The sweet soul gathered home to Paradise,
The body waiting here.

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so heavy to bear
This is from Terry Craddock's first comment below: Because so many of Christina Georgina Rossetti's poems are well written to exquisite, the question is why was this poem selected? All poets have superior and inferior writes, so why not promote from among Christina's best work? Maybe it is a question of taste and others love this poem? [end of quote] Good question, Terry. You know when you go to the EDIT POEMS mode and you see a list of your poems and some of them have the word REVIEWED next to them and some don't? Well, my poem POETRY HEAVEN was selected as poem of the day on March 24 and yet according to what I just mentioned, it has never been reviewed! How could they select it without reviewing it? I think they sometimes just let their computers select a poem at random. It was a fun poem to write but it's not my best poem by any means.
Especially liked the comment and poem by Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair, I think I am a fan :)
一个婴儿摇篮, 空寂着,没有婴儿躺在那里。 一个婴儿的坟墓, 被秋天干枯的落叶覆 盖着。 天堂是可爱宝贝灵魂家园, 这里却有人在守候归来。
Nicely encapsulated and well articulated piece of poetry, insightfully penned with conviction. A beautiful short and powerful poem. Thanks for sharing.