A Baby's First Smile(Haiku #16)

A baby's first smile
Cures a thousand loneliness;
Builds a happy home.

by Jez C Brul

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So very true. Baby's smile is a treasure. An excellent succinct write. The picture enhanced the beauty of this lovely write.10
p.s.! ! ! PH deleted my perfectly good word: ! ! ! in case they did it again, the word is spelled p++p **. ** each * represents an o. how will you 'foreigners' learn NEW WORDS if PH does not let Bri, me, use them in my poems! ? ? ? bri :) :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
[ please turn 'baby' around and over for my poem (no clothes!) ]: A Baby's First (Haiku # 16 1/2) ....[ Inspired By Jez Brul's A Baby's First Smile (Haiku #16) ; -Pail; SHORT, Of Course (The Poem, Silly!) ] A baby's first Causes some consternation; Open diaper pail! (July....31st....2018) bri :)
(cont.) ....i NEVER heard of a mass noun (i don't think i did): did YOU? ? it seems strange to say: ..a thousand loneliness, but maybe it is technically correct. i might type...a mighty loneliness, keeping the syllable count the same. BUT, again, i can use poetic license and so can YOU, so you use what you used and i'll 'think' what i think. To MyPoemList. (cont.) .
i might type lonelinesses, but that may not be a 'recognized' word, ...and the online English Oxford Living Dictionaries 'says' this: loneliness noun mass noun 1 Sadness because one has no friends or company. BUT...... (cont.) .
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