A Baby's Smile

The pain and grief I try to hide
And all the rage I feel inside;
All the tears and hurt to bear
Sometimes I wonder why we're here;
Would this piteous life be worthwhile
Without the blessing of a baby's smile?
Farm Boy As I stroll through the tall, green corn
The long leaves rustle and whisper
gentle thought yet unborn;
Should I linger silent
on the furrowed ground
Many scenes of nature's wonders
in my mind abound.
I close my eyes and listen as if in thrall
While all about sounds
the soft insistent call;
"Join us in our long and radiant day
As bees make music while
they wend their busy way."
I know temptation beneath a warming sun
To scorn my duty
and let this day be done;
Who can say what
marvelous thoughts I'll know
Beneath the softly whispering
corn stalks row on row.

by Charlie Spaulding

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