RS (29/07/1970 / Sheffield)

A Bad Day At Work

Infuriatingly frustrating trying to find just the right person to speak to on the phone

Tediously calling people asking for the manager, its like getting blood out of a stone

Stupifying boredom sets in listening to machines and people saying he's not in

Anger begins to boil when you realise you are never going to win

Slogging your guts out trying to achieve unattainable targets can really get you down

Trawling through wrong numbers and slam downs with no reward can make a grown man frown

Annoying people who haven't got a clue ramble on about nothing at all

Call back later I'm far too busy, this excuse just drives me up the wall

Keeping sane in this job seems virtually impossible at times of stress

Obnoxious snotty gatekeepers block your way to goal, what a stinking mess

Forced plastic smiles and happy voices are expected at all times

Sitting waiting patiently watching the clock expecting the 5 o'clock chimes

Hourly targets are imposed, fail to hit them and the whip is cracked

Impatience is growing now, watch out or someone will get smacked

These random rants and ramblings help get me through the day

Even the most unflappable calm person can freak out along the way

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