JE (September 30,1991 / Wooster)

A Bad Dream

She goes outside to escape the yelling between her parents. She sits

down and begins to cry. She looks up at the stars and thinks of him.

Oh how she wants to be in his arms right now. She wants to tell him

everything but can't speak a word. She hides it inside and cries. She

begins to cry again and wipes away her tears. She looks back up to

see him standing there. She quickly dries her eyes and stands

up. 'Whats wrong, ' he says softly in her ear as he holds her

tight. 'Nothing, ' she says, ' just needed to come out here and think,

thats all.' They sit down together, 'come on now, ' he says, 'tell me

whats on your mind.' She looks up at him and a single tear slides down

her cheek. 'I never should have let you out of my heart, ' she says. 'I

never should have let you go, ' more tears fall. He looks at her and

dries her eyes and holds her tight, ' It's going to be ok, you did what

you felt was right, all you have to do now is let me go.' She looks up at

him and says, 'I can't let you go, ' 'And why is that? ' He says. 'Tears fill

her eyes once more, ' because.......because I still love you...' A silence

fills the clear night air, and his hold tightens and his shirt is wet from

her tears. He smiles and says, I never stooped loving you...............She

awakens to find a tear filled pillow, The memories of that dream would

haunt her forever, because she knows it will never be a reallity.

by Jessica Elizondo

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Comments (9)

Wonderful imagery. Bien!
a marvellous write and sure very touchy poem, you have a very good talent to make the feelings heidden in you poem...i loved it..thanks 10++++++ for this beautiful poem rgds asif
A very touchy beautiful poem, love it.
wow how sad you are good write more
What a sad poem, but fantastic none the least. Well done.
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